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Edible Aroids Edible Aroids Edible Aroids Edible Aroids

Country presentations

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Papua New GuineaGrahame Jackson 1/17/20145.92 MBDownload
NigeriaGrahame Jackson 1/17/20141.49 MBDownload
NicaraguaGrahame Jackson 1/17/2014563.81 KBDownload
PhilippinesGrahame Jackson 1/17/20141.49 MBDownload
VanuatuGrahame Jackson 1/17/20142.97 MBDownload
South AfricaGrahame Jackson 1/17/20142.93 MBDownload
SamoaGrahame Jackson 1/17/20142.93 MBDownload
Costa RicaGrahame Jackson 1/17/20141.60 MBDownload
CARDI (Caribbean)Grahame Jackson 1/17/20141.20 MBDownload
Burkina FasoGrahame Jackson 1/17/20141,015.78 KBDownload
GhanaGrahame Jackson 1/17/20141.07 MBDownload
MadagascarGrahame Jackson 1/17/20145.89 MBDownload
IndonesiaGrahame Jackson 1/17/20142.72 MBDownload
IndiaGrahame Jackson 1/17/20142.86 MBDownload

European Research presentations

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
WP7 VirusesGrahame Jackson 1/17/20142.53 MBDownload
WP5 DroughtGrahame Jackson 1/17/2014948.02 KBDownload
WP4 GeneticsGrahame Jackson 1/17/2014298.05 KBDownload
WPI The work packagesGrahame Jackson 1/17/20146.41 MBDownload
WPI Taro Pest - how to useGrahame Jackson 1/17/2014422.66 KBDownload
WP8 PRAs & working with farmersGrahame Jackson 1/17/2014769.53 KBDownload
WP1 SPC AdministrationGrahame Jackson 1/17/2014779.38 KBDownload
WP1 OverviewGrahame Jackson 1/17/20145.16 MBDownload
WP1 Communications & visibilityGrahame Jackson 1/17/20141.00 MBDownload
WP3&6 Breeding & ChemistryGrahame Jackson 1/17/20141.50 MBDownload
WP2 Germplasm CePaCTGrahame Jackson 1/17/2014837.64 KBDownload
WP1 The Present situationGrahame Jackson 1/17/20143.43 MBDownload